Not many people have heard of the island of Cayo Coco which is located just north of mainland Cuba. This island has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world with perfect white sand and shallow, turquoise water that is breathtaking. If you are one who needs an escape from the busy city life, Cayo Coco is the destination for you.

Cayo Coco Climate

The climate in the island of Cayo Coco is always very consistent, no matter what time of year you decide to visit. It ranges from the mid-twenties to the thirties (celcius) during the summer, and from the months of January to March, it gets just a little bit colder. For three months, from April to June, the rainy season kicks in but then the some quickly comes back to warm you up just in time for the summer.

All Inclusive Vacation

Cayo Coco is a very private area and is usually secluded because not very many tourists visit there. Even though this is the case, Cayo Coco is a beautiful island that is worth visiting. All-inclusive Cayo Coco vacations include flights, airport transfers and also hotels. There are many hotel options that you can choose from and also private villas that you can rent, including the holiday villa for rent in Cuba.

Many activities that are available for you to do when you get to Cayo Coco are included in the all-inclusive vacation packages.

Cayo Coco Coral Reefs

Cayo Coco is home to about 20 kilometers of breathtaking coral reef strips that you can explore. There are also about 30 scuba diving sites that you can visit, to see a variety of the marine life that exists in the Cuban waters. Las Coloradas is the eastern part of Cayo Coco and it has the most popular scuba diving sites in Cuba.

When You Get Hungry in Cayo Coco

Even though there are a limited number of city centers to buy food from in Cayo Coco, there are some dining options that are offered by the locals. Hotels and resorts make sure they satisfy tourists by offering them any food that their heart desires during their stay in Cayo Coco.

Shopping in Cayo Coco

Those who are waiting for you to come back from your holidays back home might be very eager to receive souvenirs from you. To your luck, there are many shops in Cayo Coco where you can do some souvenir shopping. Since Cuban money can’t be traded internationally, you can trade your money once you get to Cuban soil. Cubans use two currencies which are the Cuban Peso and the Cuban Convertible Peso. You can buy souvenirs for not very much to make your loved ones back home happy by bringing them a beautiful Cuban souvenir, once you return from your wonderful holiday in Cayo Coco.

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