For most women, travelling while they are pregnant is usually safe as long as your doctor says that you can safely travel. The best time to travel is in the middle of your pregnancy, when you’ve said goodbye to morning sickness and when your stomach is not too heavy for you to walk.

Here are some other tips for when you are travelling with a pregnant woman:

Safe Destination

 Do some extensive research to make sure that you are not travelling to a destination that has any disease outbreaks such as malaria or any other insect carried illnesses. Make sure that your destination is safe and that the place where you will stay is also comfortable and safe. If your destination requires you to have any vaccines done before you get there, it is definitely not safe to travel to.

Plan Walks

 Long distance travels can sometimes cause swollen feet or other areas of the body in a pregnant woman, due to not moving for a long period of time. Make sure that when you get to your destination, you plan walks on the beach or in the neighborhood that you are staying in. Plan outings that will require you to walk around or go visit a museum. Walking alongside the beach in the early morning is always a great idea!

Rent A Car

 If you plan on travelling to a city or to a place that will require you to use different methods of transportation to get places, you should rent a car. Sometimes taking a bus while you are pregnant is quite challenging or your wife or girlfriend may want to go to the bathroom frequently. Travel time should only last about 5 hours, maximum. When you rent a car, you can stop at rest stops to stretch a little bit before more hours in the car.

Destination Medical Care

 Whether you will be away for a long or short time, doing some research for doctors and hospitals at your destination is always a good idea. This will just get you prepared for any emergencies and keep your mind at ease.



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