Wherever your destination, either far or close, taking care of your skin when you travel is important because travelling can really take a toll on your skin. There is no doubt that sometimes travelling can get stressful and tiring, and this will show on your skin if you don’t take care of it.

Below are some tips to keep your skin looking fresh as your travel.

Moisturize your skin

 It is always important to keep your skin moisturized when you fly. Before you are going to fly, apply a generous amount of moisturizer to your face, to ensure that it is hydrated. Flying can leave your skin dehydrated really quickly.

Blot Blot Blot

 When you travel, especially for the oily-skinned people out there, sometimes you get a little bit oily. Getting rid of this is simple, just take a piece of tissue and dab your T zone gently with it, to remove any excess oils that may have formed there. Make sure that you are dabbing instead of wiping, so that you do not remove any moisturizer or makeup from your skin.

Go Natural if Possible

 Your skin will already undergo many changes as you travel, such as being too dry or being too oily, breaking out because of stress, etc—adding layers of foundation, concealer and heavy eyeliner will just make your skin heavy. If it is possible, try to go as natural as you can when you travel. You can just apply a lip treatment that you can put on your lips to keep them hydrated. Having some makeup on for a long period of time will also make your skin feel like it is dirty and clogged. Also, if you put mascara on before you travel, they will end up messing up your entire face because little black specks will fall down onto your  cheeks.

Stop Touching Your Face

While you are travelling (and even on a day to day basis for that matter), avoid touching your face. As you touch things in the airport and all around you, your hands may pick up unknown bacteria that you definitely do not want to put on your face. If you really must touch your face, make sure to use antibacterial hand wash before you do so if you don’t have access to a sink to wash your hands properly.

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