Monaco is the second smallest country in the world. Despite it’s small size, it is a dream destination for many of those who dream to spend days forgetting about their stresses.

Nikki Beach at Fairmont, Monte Carlo, is where most tourists decide to go for a refreshing holiday by the sea. There are many things to do on this beach and the ambiance there is fun and energized. Below is a guide for you to spend a whole day on this breathtaking beach:

Breakfast at Nikki Beach

You can start off your morning by eating breakfast at one of the cafés that are alongside the beach. There are many cafés that you can choose from in the neighborhoods around the beach, offering different menus from local food to more international dishes. The views from these cafés are exquisite and the early morning beach breeze will be refreshing.

A Relaxing Morning

After breakfast, you can go by the sea side and rent a parasol with your group of friends. Massages and drinks are offered by some of the locals there, depending on what side of the beach you are on. You can bring a book to read or lay on your back to tan in the morning sun. If you’re on vacation as a family, your kids can run around the beach and make sand castles, play beach volleyball, etc. Hotels alongside the beach also offer spa days that you can do with your friends, if you need relaxation.


When you are satisfied with your tan there is a park nearby the Nikki Beach, where you can eat your lunch. You can either pack a lunch from your hotel room or resort, and bring it out for a picnic. You can sit on the grass under a tree, spread out a blanket, and eat your lunch. However, if you didn’t bring a lunch, there are many addresses nearby that offer menus from all over the world. Tourists’ favorite ones are Chinese and Mexican food.

Prep Yourself

To prepare for a fun night with your group of friends or family on fancy yachts and in fancy restaurants, you can get ready along the beach. There are hair and nail parlors there that are for cheap and you can enter to make yourself look pretty for the night in Monaco. You can also go shopping for some breathtaking jewelry and cute sandals.

Fancy Dinner

In Nikki Beach, boats that are alongside the beach have been turned into fancy restaurants. You can choose from an array of these restaurants as you walk along the beach. These classy restaurants have a nice ocean breeze and a fantastic view on the beach. If you want to go really classy then you can eat a four course meal.

A Night on the Town

Nightlife at Nikki Beach is very energized. There are many things that you can do and many places that you can visit. There are lounges and bars in the neighborhood that are gorgeous and offer great drinks. DJ’s are also well known in this area to be experienced!

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